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 Understand the divinity of each gift of nature,, not to show off and impress others, but to Live and to be TRUE to our own conscience. Human life depends on plants and animals, Life supports life is a thumb rule as usual. Man must feel the earth to self realize himself the purpose of life…. God made life simple. It is the huMAN who complicates it. “Live in Zero and Die in Zero” within spiritual perspectives and values is the foundation for natural health to respect, protect and preserve each of our own roots for a healthy natural life and living. Gratitude and Self Respect is the key.

– Dr. Rashmi Chandran

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4 comments on “Dr. Rashmi’s Natural Life (RNL)”

  1. sending you lot of “prana” and prayers. all the best wishes…………..

  2. Absolutely wonderful Synchronicity with Nature. I am so overjoyed to naturally be in alignment with the rhythmic flow coming from Dr. Rashmi Chandran’s dedication to what Nature intrinsically IS. Great service to humanity! Keep it up, Rashmi. Feels like we were destined to meet NOW and take forward this mode of Unison (in Spirit) and expand it on an ongoing basis.

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