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Dec 16 2013

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Dr. Rashmi Chandran

Dr. Rashmi Chandran 

M.Sc., Ph.D., H.N.C., PDF (CZ)., FISCA.,

Dr. Rashmi’s Natural Life (RNL)

                                    History of Dr. Rashmi’s Natural Life

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Dr. Rashmi’s Natural Life

I am a nonconformist who lives solely within SPIRITUAL PERSPECTIVES and VALUES that includes 1. my inherent as well inherited talents and skills as a Creative Artist (my unique quality I self-realized as my passion, aspiration and contemplation for my own spiritual journey as a free spirit) 2. creative pursuits both as a Creative Artist as well Naturalist by implementing the same to my own life with mindful respect and value to all religions, spirituality and morals regardless the places and people; at the same time, as a free thinker. For a practical life and living, I prefer Interdependence respecting my unique quality and conditions, not just for materialistic profits or obligations even though it’s not yet accomplishing everywhere. Live and let live is my basic attitude not being a hypocrite and not being judgmental to make life the simplest for contented living naturally. My spiritual works include implementation of truth and morals by living life unconstrained by the society balancing natural health (NHER) manifesting a single function of the awakened, reflecting and sharing the truths, morals, facts and choices for spiritual purification in time and in need with NO artificiality, NO falsehoods, NO immoral acts within family and society as my divine birth purpose (Swadharma & Samoohadharma) with SELF respect for a self reliant and self possessed life and living with grace and glory.

Natural Health and Environmental Research (NHER) which I founded in the year 2002 to balance my true nature (termed as Dr. Rashmi’s Natural Life (RNL) founded in the year 1990-91) from the materialistic artificiality and falsehoods.  This dignified divine form, I self realized in my early childhood itself for making my birth-purpose meaningful by 1) respecting and protecting my own true nature, 2) reflections and sharing to different planes for various functions (THREE Phases) to live in peace and harmony with nature, 3) to understand our own nature, 4) to be oneness within the nature by protecting TRUTH & MORALS and 5) maintains Natural Health for PEACE, SOLIDARITY and UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD, 6) for the pilgrim who aspires and persevere for spiritual purification, 7) for disseminating my discovery and virtues through creative pursuits for the sake of humanity as a whole universally.

Area of Interest   :    Spirituality, Nature, Natural Lifestyle, Arts and Literary works, Philosophy, Natural Health, Traditional Medicines, and Environmental Science.
Religion                      :           Unitarian Universalist
Countries visited    :           Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, and Slovakia Republic.

Awards and Honors

  • Received copyright for my unpublished artistic work for the logo for my proprietary firm, RNL (DR. RASHMI’S NATURAL LIFE – PROTECT TRUE NATURE, LIVE NATURAL ; Registration Number: A-128743/2019. Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, New Delhi, India.

2018 – Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award.

DR. RASHMI’S NATURAL LIFE (RNLTrade Mark Journal No: 1881, 24/12/2018, Class: 41 (Published)

Natural Health and Environmental Research (NHER) Trade Mark Journal No: 1864, 27/08/2018, Class: 41 (Published)

I feel honored and obliged for the following:

REFORMATION, RESTORATION and REJUVENATION, the ONLY solution to the self destructed Theosophical Society (TS) to whom I served and worked for two years (2014-2016) on the behalf of RNL & NHER. Contribution of the solution for SELF Awareness and MORAL Development (2017 to till date) to the TS as a whole globally.

  • Dissemination of Natural Health and spiritual works within a SELF Destructed Perished Spiritual Organization, The Theosophical Society within my spiritual perspectives and values truly and purely a blessed SELF Experience. Completed Successfully. Third Phase of Spiritual Journey. (2014 – 2016) TWO Initiations.
  • SERVED mindfully free of cost (2014-2016; My third Phase) THEOSOPHY NEWS.
  • Acted in the capacity of a reviewer for Net Journal of Social Sciences (NJSS) 2015.
  • Served with honorarium for a period of 3 months assisting Vice President and International Secretary of The Theosophical Society, Adyar, Chennai, India. (October 16h 2014 to January 15th 2015).
  • CERTIFICATION, Government of INDIA : MSME UAN: TN03D0051590  Dr. Rashmi’s NATURAL LIFE. Date of Commencement: 25/ 12/ 1990. Major Activity: SERVICES ‘D’. Enterprise Type: Micro. Type of Organization: Proprietary.
  • CERTIFICATION, Government of INDIA : MSME UAN: TN03D0051585 Natural Health and Environmental Research. Date of Commencement: 10/ 03/ 2002. Major Activity: SERVICES ‘D’. Enterprise Type: Micro. Type of Organization: Proprietary.
  • Based on the service to science and arts, my name has been listed in Marquis (VIP Number: 34334157 USA) “Who’s Who in the World” as one of the highest achievers. Who is Who in the World – 2016, 33rd Edition (pub. 2016); Who is Who in the World – 2015, 32nd Edition (pub. 2014); Who is Who in the World – 2014, 31st Edition (pub. 2013); Who is Who in the World – 2013, 30th Edition (pub. 2012); Who is Who in the World – 2010, 27th Edition (pub. 2009)..
  •  Nominated in Spiritual Wisdom Magazine for the BEST BLOG and BEST FACEBOOK PAGE in the year 2014.
  • As a writer being the part of Global Education Magazine for my articles of Scientific and didactic innovation inscribed in bibliographic database of the Ministry of Culture of Spain (ISSN 2255-033X).
  • As a poet being the part of Printable Reality. (POETRY/SPOKEN WORD ART TRUST NZ).
  • Awardee of Fellow Membership (F.I.S.C.A.) International Science Congress Association, M.P., India. ISCA-FM-302.
  • Received copyright for my unpublished artistic work for the logo for my proprietary firm, NHER (Natural Health and Environmental Research, A society for Self awareness and Development). Registration Number: A-102412/2013, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Higher Education, New Delhi, India.

  • As Guest of Honour for the Inauguration of Blood Group Testing and Blood Donation Awareness Campaign by Ultra Blood and Eye Donating Social Service Organization & Kurinji Hospitals, Coimbatore on 13th November 2011.
  • Extension Services: Dissemination of spiritual works within Academic perspectives and values truly a challenge and risk. Completed Successfully. Second Phase of Spiritual Journey. (1997 – 2014) FOUR Initiations.
  • Founded and Formed Natural Health and Environmental Research (NHER), 2002. Honored by the college management.
  • Worked as an Organizer and Performer for Kongunadu Arts and Science College, Coimbatore to uplift the cultural and Art events (1997-2002).
  • First Phase of Spiritual Journey (1990 – 1997) FOUR Initiations.
  • Worked as an Organizer and active participant for Government College Chittur, Palakkad to uplift the cultural, Art events and Nature Club community services and camps (1992-1996-97).
  • Founded and Formed Dr. Rashmi’s Natural Life (RNL), 1990-91. Honored by the school management.
  • Worked as an Organizer, Performer, Girl guide for Vijayamatha Convent School, Chittur, Palakkad to uplift the cultural, Art events, The Bharat Scouts and Guides (BSG) (1988-1991).
  • Served for 30 years started as a cub, girl guide (The Bharat Scouts and Guides (BSG) coordinated, participated and guided community services and camps – district levels and state levels along with creative pursuits including performing arts and literary works.



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We are all the reflection of our own thoughts naturally. It’s each of our moral SELF responsibility, to respect, accept, protect and disseminate the divinity within and around us. Understand and Accept our own virtues, limits and limitations for SELF realization and SELF awareness with SELF RESPECT to make each of our BIRTH purpose meaningful“. LIVE Naturally, PROTECT TRUE NATURE – Dr. Rashmi Chandran.

Dr. Rashmi’s Natural Life (RNL)


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